The sketch design phase is the starting point for most architectural projects. Through consultation with our clients we establish the brief and budget requirements of the project.

Most presentation drawings are freehand in technique, and outline the parameters and concepts of a design. We normally produce a 1:50 model of the design to assist to explain the concept further.

Standard outcomes from this stage may include:
+ Preliminary meeting with clients to discuss brief & budget, including images of things they like and dislike.
+ Initial analysis of site and any existing buildings
+ Measured plans of existing structures
+ Preliminary analysis of Council & other authorities requirements
+ Written confirmation of Brief & Budget
+ Preparation of sketch plans and 1:50 models to explain the design
+ Preparation of preliminary Opinion of Cost
+ Meeting to present the above and discuss what compromises may be needed to achieve your budget, and fulfil Council’s regulations
+ Further design development at the clients request, charged at an agreed hourly rate.

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